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What is a Pop Up Wedding? 

A pop up wedding is a brand new exciting and cost effective way to have a fabulous wedding without the extravagant expense. Skip the guest list, stress-list and the seating chart! It pops up at different times of the year, in different places, with different themes and gives two people the opportunity to marry without having to plan a traditional wedding. 








Not everyone wants the suit, big white dress, flowers, chapel, speeches, cake and trying to figure out how many guests you can afford! At Perfect Pop Up weddings, we provide inclusive packages that feature everything from the cake, wedding officiant, photographer, wedding venue and cocktail receptions for up to 20 guests. All you bring is yourself, your fiancé, and your marriage license.  Prepare yourselves for a unique, exciting and intimate experience. This is NOT your average elopement! Our niche is providing ingenuity, while crafting sophisticated elopements, which pop up throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. Our weddings may be small, but they are packed with LOTS of love!

Her Story...

Always saw yourself as more of a wife than a bride. 

His Story...

When you asked for her hand in marriage, you were picturing 2.5 kids, a mortgage and an island cottage in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands for retirement. The thought of a big wedding and reception was not a part of your marital bliss vision.

Who weds in Pop Up Style?

  • Couples that prefer to spend $ 30,000 on a new house or student loans

  • Couples that want a more glamorous and  sophisticated  option than the local courthouse

  • Couples that want all the stylish photos that come along with a traditional wedding

  • Couples that prefer an occasion that is private and intimate

  • Couples that are ready to get married in less than 90 days

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